Heartland Healthcare Network
Heartland Healthcare Network (more commonly referred to as Heartland Network) is a patient-centered regional network of independent medical professionals working together to provide personalized healthcare.

The network offers a broad range of services through primary care physicians specialty physicians chiropractors and other allied healthcare professionals.

The Heartland Healthcare Network makes healthcare convenient and easily accessible.
When hospitalization is needed our providers work with you and the hospital of your choice or help you select the facility that best meets your needs. We are committed to providing you and your family with the care you need. At Heartland the focus is on you and the choices you make to best meet your healthcare needs.

To learn more about the Heartland Healthcare Network visit out Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call at (701) 478-DOCS or 1-888-812-DOCS.

Patients / Consumers
If you’re making the important decision of choosing a new physician the Heartland Network can definitely help you. You’ll find commitment to technical excellence professional experience individualized care and superior community involvement.

Heartland Healthcare Network is about Choice. We believe the Heartland Healthcare Network gives patients and your healthcare provider freedom of choice in making healthcare decisions. The patient has freedom of choice because he/she can choose to see any healthcare provider in our network without a referral. The healthcare provider has freedom of choice because the Heartland Network is not owned by a large corporation. The word “independent” means that our doctors and other healthcare providers make decisions about your healthcare without influence from corporate policies and regulations which may not in the patient’s best interest. Our focus is on the individual patient. We are absolutely committed to providing the patient and his/her family with the care they need when they need it with quick easy access to the doctor of your choice without the wait.

Healthcare Providers Physicians Facilities & Services
We believe that independent healthcare providers are able to better care for their patients without the constraints of corporate medical facilities. If you are interested in becoming an independent Healthcare Provider or interested in opening your own independent practice we are here to help.
Each physician within Heartland network is handpicked to become a member. He or she must exhibit outstanding medical skills have excellent credentials and excel in his or her areas of expertise.
As one of the largest networks of its kind in the region Heartland Network is committed to providing superior healthcare and to ensuring Quality in every aspect of our organization



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