Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Heartland Healthcare Network?
The Heartland Healthcare Network is a care system of physicians in independent practice through out the Fargo-Moorhead Grand Forks and surrounding areas. Clinics range in size from one physician to clinics with multiple doctors and specialize in a variety of medical specialties. Our clinics also provide non-physician healthcare ranging from Chiropractic care Therapy Services (Occupational Physical and Speech Language and Hearing) Mental Health Weight Loss and other specialties.

The Heartland Network also has a number of facilities including Walk-in Clinics Ambulatory Surgery Centers Imaging Centers Lab Pathology X-ray facilities and Home Health faciilties.
A full range of services are also available including Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics and Orthotics Endoscopy services Pain Management Clinical Research Skin Care Optical as well as Sleep Wellness Clinics.

These clinics may participate in health plan networks through the Heartland Healthcare Network or independently.
What makes Heartland Healthcare Network unique?
Heartland Healthcare Network gives you and your doctor freedom of CHOICE in making healthcare decisions.

YOU have freedom of choice because you can see any doctor in our network including specialists without being required to get a referral from a "Primary Care" physician.

Your DOCTOR has freedom of choice because Heartland is not owned by a large corporation. Our doctors and clinics make decisions about your healthcare without influence from corporate policies and regulations which may not be in your best interest. At Heartland the focus is on you. We are absolutely committed to providing you and your family with the care you need when you need it.
What medical services will I find with Heartland Healthcare Network?
Heartland Network provides an array of services in communities in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota.
For a full list of Heatland Healthcare Network Services click here
Why should I choose the Heartland Healthcare Network?
Choose Heartland Healthcare Network to keep FREEDOM OF CHOICE for your healthcare. When you need to see a doctor you want to see YOUR doctor. Someone you know. Someone who has earned your trust and confidence. That's what Heartland offers: the freedom to choose. In other words Heartland is designed with YOUR needs as the first priority.

With Heartland Healthcare Network you are also assured quality healthcare. Independent doctors are proven leaders in their fields building their practices through referrals and strong reputations. Heartland is the only healthcare provider network in the area that protects the well-deserved independence of its members.

Our primary care doctors and specialists consistently earn high marks in regional patient satisfaction surveys. We believe the unique combination of independence and excellence in healthcare makes Heartland Healthcare Network the preferred choice for your healthcare needs.
How do I choose the Heartland Healthcare Network?
If your insurer does not require enrollment in a provider network you can choose Heartland simply by choosing any one of the doctors or clinics in the network each time you seek healthcare. If your insurer requires enrollment choosing our network is as simple as writing "Heartland Network" or "Heartland" on the form where it asks for your "Preferred Provider Network." For help or further details call (701) 478-3627.
Why do patients choose the Heartland Healthcare Network?
Help with the diagnosis and treatment of difficult medical problems is probably the most common reason. Some want a second opinion while others come to our providers for surgery or treatment.
Do you need a doctor's referral to get into the Heartland Healthcare Network?
No anyone can find a Heartland doctor simply by calling the Heartland DocsLine at (701) 478-DOCS or 888-812-DOCS. Doctor's referrals are not necessary although information on a patient's past treatment is always helpful.
How soon are appointments available?
Appointment availability depends on the nature and urgency of the problem. There may be a short waiting list for appointments for non-urgent medical exams. Two urgent care centers are available for immediate needs.
Does the Heatland Healthcare Network specialize in certain areas?
The Heartland Network's expertise covers a broad range of medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties. The Heartland Network's strength is its comprehensiveness its ability to provide "one-on-one" care for the diagnosis and treatment of an array of medical problems.
If I am a member of a managed care plan can I still get access to the Heartland Healthcare Network?
Yes. Heartland has contracts to provide services for patients from more than 40 managed care plans and this number continues to grow. Your plan may have conditions on access to Heartland so check first before making an appointment by calling (701) 478-3627.
How is healthcare reform affecting the Heartland Healthcare Network and what is the network doing to adapt to changes?
Healthcare costs quality and access are major concerns today. Heartland continues to address concerns in a number of ways including:

Treating more patients on an outpatient basis and using hospitalization less;
Consolidating services to more efficiently serve more patients without diminishing quality;
Joining together with other providers to form integrated healthcare networks to serve people in specific geographic regions;
Creating new practices sending our specialists into other communities and exploring the use of communication technology to bring Heartland services closer to where patients live;
Forming alliances with businesses to help meet the needs of their employees;
Signing agreements with HMOs PPOs and insurance companies to provide specialized services to their members;
Developing guidelines to help Heartland physicians consistently deliver high quality and efficient care.
If you would like additional information about the Heartland Healthcare Network please contact us at 701.478.3627.